Columbia River Pet Partners

Columbia River Pet Partners is a Vancouver, WA-based member group of the Pet Partners Community Partner program. Serving the communities of the Columbia River Basin from Hood River to the Pacific Ocean, our founding members spanned a distance of over 100 miles including Camas, Vancouver, Portland, Ridgefield, Longview and Astoria.

Our organization was founded in order to support the mission of our parent organization within our communities, “demonstrating and promoting positive human-animal interaction to improve the physical, emotional and psychological lives of those we serve.” It is our goal to increase awareness in the work we do, and in turn increase participation and the measure of service we provide to our communities.

How we help others with our animals was most eloquently described by Betty White, actress and long-time Pet Partners supporter:

"Dogs, cats, and other pets, by their simple companionship and unconditional affection, are natural healers. They lower blood pressure, speed recovery, reduce the need for medication, and soothe the spirits of people in distress."

Visiting with a Hospital Patient

Our members volunteer with their animals throughout our communities. We regularly visit a wide variety of facilities including schools, libraries, retirement homes, assisted living homes, nursing homes, hospitals and hospices.

Some of our other activities include:

 Research-based presentations on the benefits of animal-assisted therapy.

 Participation in community events.

 Staffing stress reduction events, as is becoming popular at colleges and universities during finals times.

 Mentoring those interested in joining us in our work.

 Providing logistics support for our classes and evaluations.

We also benefit from the support we give to each other working as a group. And while our animals are always the stars in the spotlight, we are a bit social by nature and enjoy the companionship of working together toward the common goal of helping others.

Come Join Us!

If you are interested in learning about working with therapy animals and how you can become involved in our work, please begin with our Membership page. It will tell you about membership in our community organization, as well as in the Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program. And it will lead you to information explaining the steps necessary to become a therapy animal team and volunteer in your community.

This video presents an overview of the Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program:

You are also welcome to join us as a guest at any of the events or meetings listed on our Calendar page.

We look forward to having the opportunity to help you and your animal partner begin enriching the lives of your fellow community members. We truly find that we gain much more from this work than we could possibly give.