Request Visits to Your Facility

Visiting a retirement home

Facilities not experienced in having therapy animal teams visit should begin by reading Pet Partners at Your Facility on the Pet Partners national website. It will introduce you to Pet Partners and discuss how to set up a visiting therapy animal program at your facility.

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How to Request Visits

To get maximum publicity for your request, you can have us announce it in our newsletter and list it on our website, and you can also post it on the Pet Partners national website.

These are all free services, as are the visits made by therapy animal teams.

1. Announce Your Request in Our Newsletter:  Our newsletter announces facility and event requests to hundreds of area teams. To list your facility on our website, please provide the following information:

Facility name

Facility address

Facility or activity type

Contact name

Contact title

Phone number

Be sure to provide a work phone number, not a personal phone number. Also, we don't list e-mail addresses, not even business ones, because they could attract spam e-mail.

Please submit your request via our Contact Us page.

2. List Your Request on Our Website:  Our website is a primary source of information for teams looking for facilities to visit. Facilities wishing to have teams visit on a regular basis may be listed on one of the city lists found on our Facilities page.

To have your facility listed on our website, please provide the same information listed above. If there are important details to list, such as limits on visiting hours or days of the week, we can add these to your listing. However, in most cases, it will be best to work out such details with teams who contact you.

You may take a look at the listings on our Facilities page to see examples.

Please submit your request via our Contact Us page.

3. Post Your Request on the Pet Partners National Website:  Not all area teams subscribe to our newsletter or visit our website. You may be able to reach additional teams by posting your request on the Pet Partners national website.

Post your request via the Submit a Volunteer Opportunity page on the Pet Partners national website. Teams will be able to find your request via a zip code search.

Your request will remain valid for 6 months, so we recommend that you make a note on your calendar to re-post in 6 months if you haven't yet recruited a team.

4. After You Make Your Request:  When we first add your listing to our facilities page, we will announce it in our next newsletter and again a month later. It's always possible that a team will contact you sooner than later, but please understand that there are no teams waiting for assignments and it may take some time.

Most teams already have full schedules, so you may not hear from a team until a new one comes on board. On the other hand, our newsletter may attract a team that lives in your area that would love to visit your facility.

We suggest that you make a follow-up note on your calendar. If you haven't heard from a team within a couple months, we will gladly re-announce your request. And again anytime you ask us.

We look forward to working with you!

Peter Christensen
President, Columbia River Pet Partners